Diary of a Recovering Hustler…

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Dear Diary, This weekend has been hard. I feel like I haven’t got anything done I wanted to. I have been trying to finish off a website for 2 weeks which I am yet to do. I have a heap of emails that need clearing out and responding too. I head away this week and was wondering what work I … Read More

Confessions of an Overcomplicator…

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It’s spring. And I have been on a bit of a cleaning frenzy! You know the ones where you just get a bee in your bonnet, and it all has to be done NOW! It has also meant, my little hoarded piles of business stuff around the house have been sorted. My notebooks, pieces of paper, course notes, post-its, inspirational … Read More

10 Things you don’t know about Carly…

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10 things you ‘may’ not know about Carly (that aren’t just about business!)…. I thought it would be a bit of fun to share 10 things you may not know about me personally. What I didn’t think about in deciding this was that I am such an open book, it makes it very hard to actually find things you don’t … Read More

Can we really have it all??

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  For so long I have been passionate about the legacy the women before us have left. The sacrifices they made, they fight the put up, the protests, the feminist movement, all so we could have a voice. So that we could work. So that we could have businesses and so that we could have it ‘all’.   If not … Read More

I was never REALLY busy….

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“How are you? Still busy?” my friend said. “So busy. I haven’t stopped for ages. And not looking like changing anytime soon! You know me, LOVE to have lots of things on the go!” I would reply. Busy. Hustling. Workaholic. Never stopping. Next project. Next Business. More. More. More. This was me. Always. From my late teens I always had … Read More

Getting myself off the wheel and back into life…

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Getting myself off the wheel and back into life… Soooo…. This self-care and mindfulness talk has been going around for quite a while. “Go try yoga!” a friend said. “you really need to write in a gratitude journal” another friend said. “you definitely need meditation” another one said. To be honest I was getting a little bit over everyone telling … Read More

It’s time it changed.

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I’m mad. I’m annoyed. I’m frustrated. Why? Because I am so so so tired of seeing women pushing themselves to the limit for their businesses. Sacrificing so much for the life as an ‘entrepreneur’. Wearing the fact that you hustle hard like a badge of honour (If you love the hustle and it excites you then stop reading here, because … Read More