February 2018 (Mondays or Saturdays)

Let’s face it. Being in business can be lonely, there can be distractions, no-one to tell you’re doing a good job, and aside from the pet or partner, accountability can sometimes be lacking, meaning you aren’t getting towards your vision as soon as you would like.

Not only that but you spend all your time looking after your clients, customers, family, friends and everyone in between (because there is a good chance you just want to help everyone!!), there is little left to look after the most important asset in your business – YOU!

So that’s why the She Nurtures NurtureMinds are here!! Tight knit group sessions designed to bring women together in a powerful platform to set intentions for the month ahead, create accountability, to provide support to one another and demystify together a hurdle you may be facing in your business.

Find out more about how we can work together to nurture you below!


Being part of a She Nurtures NurtureMind will…

  • Bring Clarity and Flow into your life for business growth.
  • Create a clear vision and direction for you and your business.
  • Set realistic intentions for your business, so you can work sustainably towards your long term goals.
  • Keep you accountable to achieving your intentions.
  • Ease overwhelm and stress.
  • Bring together a support team of up to 5 women who are also passionate about seeing you succeed and will work with you through any challenges.
  • Provide a safe space to ask questions, nothing is too silly here!
  • Take a holistic approach encompassing body, soul AND business.
  • I will be on your team to Nurture you towards YOUR unique version of success.

  • Connector.

    Monthly NurtureMind

    2 hour, Group session once a month to set intentions, work through challenges and leave with clarity, inspiration and vision.

  • Connector.

    Nurtured Support

    I will be there on hand for any questions or support you need between our sessions.

  • Connector.

    Office Hours

    An online group call once a month between sessions to check in.

  • Connector.


    Worksheets and resources to help guide your business path.

  • Connector.

    BONUS: Inner Circle

    Access to the She Nurtures Inner Circle to participate in the monthly planning mornings and active nurturing.

  • Connector.

    BONUS: Exclusive Offers and Events

    Invites to special events (such as the She Nurtures Retreat) and offers on additional nurturing.


When will sessions be held?
There are two Groups:
Saturdays at 10:30-12:30
Mondays at 9:30-11:30
Please select one timeslot.

How much will I be investing in myself and my business to participate?
Investment is $247 Monthly paid at the beginning of the month. Pre Purchase of months in advance is also available. 
Monthly Credit card also is available at $250. 

Your position is secured upon receipt of first payment.

Is there a minimum term?
No. However, as this is a group program, consistency is really important for your fellow nurturees.  When you join the NurtureMind it is important to understand that you are part of a team and therefore should aim for a minimum of 3 months, however the full year is definitely preferable.

Do you need to be at a certain stage of business?
No. You can be early in the busy journey or further down the track. However you must have your business up and running to participate. This isn’t an incubator program.

 Do I need to have a certain type of business?
No. But She Nurtures is all about supporting women to bring their passion to life in a sustainable and holistic way. These sessions will also involve discussions on wellbeing and being realistic in your business choices to suit your lifestyle and family and growing at a realistic rate. This is not for you if your goal is focused on exponential growth in a short space of time.

I’m already working with you, is there a special rate for me?
Of course! Please get in touch and we will put together a package for you. 🙂

I would like a 1:1 session too, is this possible?
Definitely! Please get in touch with me to put a package together for you.

I’ve sent an enquiry, what is the next step?
Yay! I am so excited to hear from you and will call you to have a chat about your business goals and what you would like to get out of our nurturing. You will then be allocated to your session of choice and sent a confirmation and reminder email that you have been booked in.

Are there refunds?
Change of Mind refunds can only occur PRIOR to the first NurtureMind session.