I’m Carly!

When I took the leap into business from my corporate career nearly 7 years ago, I never really knew what I was in for. I didnt know the highs and lows I would experience, the failures, the challenges, the successes or the personal growth I would go through.

I left a corporate career in Financial Planning to become a personal trainer. A career that I had never once considered, but had grown passionate about womens wellness. It is here that my business journey began and my realisation of my purpose was found. Supporting women to achieving goals, personal growth and building confidence is what I absolutely love. I have this ability to know just how far to push, without pushing too far, and to do it in a way that is encouraging, gentle and empowering.

I went on to establish Sass Place, a coworking space and community for South Australian women in business, something I started from scratch on minimal money. I threw everything into it and the business has evolved and grown considerably over the last 3 years.

With so many referring to me as a ‘nurture trainer’ during our group PT sessions, it seemed fitting that as I launched into the more in-depth support of women in business this should follow me.

Nurturing women to establish and grow their businesses is such a phenomenal privilege. More women than ever are launching into the world of business, but they are also exiting at a significant rate. We hear a lot about it takes a village to raise a child, but I truly believe that this also relates to business. And through the nurturing of women during this journey, the potential for success and longevity is increased.

I love to work with women who are determined, passionate and ready to go all-in to make their business a success. Women who just like me are willing to take the calculated risks needed to follow their dream. But women who with me by their side, will be supported through the highs and lows, be encouraged and be connected with all the services I wish I had known about when I started all those years ago and support you to create your business in way to minimise burnout and overwhelm.

Thankyou so much for being here to find out more, I truly hope the incredible passion I have for supporting women just like you comes accross. I would love to have the opportunity to nurture you and your business.

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Carly Thompson-Barry
Business Nurturer

She believed she could. So she did.

A bit more about me….

What is your approach to mentoring?

I am a business nurturer, so I like to support and guide women on their business journey. I am not a tough down the line sort of mentor/coach, I like to work with you on your needs at the time. I am about setting achievable goals for the month ahead, and creating accountability whereby the girls I work with send me through an update with the tasks we set from our session during the month. Sometimes the women I work with need a gentle approach if they are at a fragile stage, and other times they need a kick up the bum to get things done. I have an ability to know when those ‘get tough’ times are right. My sessions are more like mentoring than coaching, as I do share my experience and the lessons I have learnt over the last 8 years in business.

I work alot with women helping them build a business that is sustainable and successful. But successful on their terms. Everyone has their own vision of what success is to them, and it can be incredibly empowering when you uncover that and can put the steps in place to get there.  I am not about the ‘hustle’ and believe that successful businesses can be built without the us burning out in the process!

Do you specialise in a particular area?

I am a wealth of knowledge but not a specialist in a particular area (well aside from nurturing!). And I believe it really depends on the individual as to what their specific needs are, no two women are the same! I draw upon my experience and learnings from the last 8 years to support the women I mentor. Areas that I don’t feel I can help with I support the women to seek out the right people through the connections I have. Ie. I am not a lawyer, so anything legal/IP related are referred on, so you will always have a contact to follow up with if need be. I do love numbers and think it is really important for a business to be across where they are at financially to be able to move forward.

Having also started my business with a young family I am well adept with the challenges this can bring and do work with a number of women with children at this stage in their life.

What is your career path?

I had a career in financial planning starting up the paraplanning arm of a superfund, I left that to go into business with my husband (We have a PT Franchise), which we have had for nearly 8 years. We closed a second franchise so that I could start up Sass Place, which has been the last 3 years of my journey. Our franchise is the biggest in Australia and multi award winning. Sass Place has grown from one location to 3 (I put everything on the line and set it up with a credit card and savings) in less than 3 years and I was a Telstra Business Womens Award Finalist in 2015.

How much are sessions?

Session rates very depending on the package you choose, you can have more of a read of those HERE.  Some women just need a one off to get them on track or to work through a challenge, but most women I meet with once a month to discuss their strategy , chat about their progress and set new tasks for the month ahead.